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meangreen November 21, 2011 13:29

Quick Q: Fluent parrallel ssh passphrase command
Hi, this is a really quick Q.

I am trying to connect to fluent using parallel with ssh. I had to reset my dsa key with a passphrase. How do I start fluent now that there is a password. This is how I was calling fluent.


/ansys_inc/v120/fluent/bin/fluent 2ddp -ssh -t4 -g < GB0d5_C6A1.input > GB0d5_C6A1.output 2>&1 &

Do I just put the passphrase asfter -ssh?

Thanks, Casey

ghost82 November 22, 2011 11:14

from Ansys 12:


SSH is used to spawn nodes from the local Windows machine to the Linux head node as well as from the Linux head node to the compute nodes. To use SSH with ANSYS FLUENT, you need to set up passwordless SSH access.
Hope this helps

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