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N.Book November 22, 2011 06:23

Complex Geometry with ICEM/FLUENT

I have a rather basic question concerning the modeling of complex structures in ICEM before exporting the mesh to FLUENT.
The structure which I want to model is a 2D channel with lots of corners and sections on different levels (consider a multiple bended pipe-system expanding in both x and y direction). I am using ICEM to model it in 2D.
My question is how to mesh it in a appropriate way. Is it possible to have several (fluid-) surfaces in a single geometry? ICEM is adding an additional curve between those surfaces (which however is still of the part "fluid") and I get the problem that FLUENT will give me an access-violation as Zone1 is invalid.
However, a single surface seems to be difficult to model as ICEM is distorting surfaces that are defined by more than 4 lines which additionally often intersect the surface to be built. It seems to be adding new lines ending somewhere within the surface. That's why I would prefer to have several surfaces adjacent to each other.
Is that possible or is there a more elegant way?

Thanks for any help.


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