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bitsfluent November 22, 2011 07:51

error when rereading grid
I used the (reread-grid "newmeshfilename") command to reread a slightly modified grid into an old case file. but it gives

The new grid has different threads than the old.
Boundary conditions may be incorrect!

i have kept the very same boundary types and names.
also the diffrence that fluent is reporting is that the old grid had 2D faces but the new grid has mixed faces.
I dont understand this as both grids are quad. of the same cell size also.
when i check the new grid, under "element type inconsistancy" it shows
use (%reset-thread-element-type) to change from mixed to 2D
for each zone and finally reports that grid check failed.

Please help. What is the correction i need to make????

bitsfluent November 22, 2011 07:54

problems rereading new grid

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