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TKE November 22, 2011 15:04

How to export velocitiy of inlet from FLUENT? (3D)

I have a simulation result with FLUENT. I would like to export the velocity field of velocity inlet (rectangular surface).
In 2D I used xy plots, with x=0 y=0 z=1, and with that I could easily define my BC in OpenFOAM as a list.

But in 3D it is not clear, how should I get a list of velocity components of every single cell of inlet surface. I tried with the xy plot option of x=0 y=0 z=1 and x=0 y=1 z=0, but I recived striped pattern as OpenFOAM inlet.

Is there any suggestions how could I get the list of velocity of cells (of inlet BC surface)?


p.s.: I was not sure whether this topic is related rather to FLUENT or OpenFOAM. :) But I have problem with obtaining that list rather then applying it in OF.

TKE November 22, 2011 19:24

Closet thread. :)
This is the solution I found out:
Maybe that can be useful for other users as well...

file->export->solution data
-file type: ASCII
-cell center
-quantities: velocity x, y, z
-surface: in


Sherlock_1812 July 9, 2014 08:38

Read the ASCII file back into fluent?
Hi Jozeph,

My case is a 2D axisymmetric case where I have a converged velocity field. I do not want to read the file into OpenFOAM but would like to read it back into another case in Fluent. I want to supply the velocity field as an initial condition to the second case.

File -> Import does not have the ASCII option. Do you have an idea how I can do this?

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