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San Siro November 22, 2011 22:52

isat terminated
When I used the laminal finite-rate model to simulate a reaction involves both volumetric reactions and wall surface reactions,I selected the Two-Step Solution Procedure.I begin by solving the flow, energy, and species equations with reactions disabled.When the basic flow pattern has been established,I enable the reactions and continue the calculation.
Then fluent gives the error message:

Error: Non-physical Specific Heat = 0.000000e+000.
Error Object: ()

I ignore the message and continue to calculate,fluent gives the following error message:

Error: isat terminated.
Error Object: ().
This problem has troubled me for a long time.Is there any suggestions how can I solve this problem and continue my calculation.
San Siro

BMancuzo August 7, 2014 10:58

Have you found the solution for your problem?
I'm trying to set up a chemical reaction but this message keep appearing.

Thanks in advance,

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