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fly829 November 23, 2011 03:22

Atmospheric boundary layer modelling for boundary condition
Hi, everyone:

I'm modelling flow over complex terrain in ABL,
i have revised velocity profile and turbulent property , k, e, at inlet boundary,
and wall boundary condition applied roughness height and wall shear stress applied no-slip condition or constant shear stress,
outlet applied pressure outlet,
the solver i used is SIMPLE, and realizable k-e model, wall function applied standard wall function,
this is the problem i want to know, i check turbulence intensity near the wall, it present very higher value over 100%, it's very unreasonable.

Can anyone give some suggestions in ABL modelling? or i need to revised my boundary condition?

aerospaceman January 26, 2012 18:10

Hi there,

Is there any chance you could provide your UDF's (I'm assuming) for the inlet boundary conditions?

I'm new to UDFs so I could really use your examples.

Many thanks!

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