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rajesh1987 November 24, 2011 10:53

Fluidized Bed
I am doing the modelling of fluidized bed for steady state using eulerian model for wood particle as packed bed with packing limit 0.6 but whenever i am going for solving the equation for volume fraction but getting the one error statement :
Error: divergence detected in AMG solver: vof-1
Error Object: ()

Please tell me what i can do for it.....



shk12345 November 26, 2011 05:14

Did you use the kinetic theory model in your simulations??
Select viscosity of the secondary phase as kinetic theory and then try to run the simulations..

rajesh1987 November 26, 2011 10:55

Fluidized bed modeling
First of all, thanks for reply.....

Ya i used that kinetic theory model and i sort out that problem..thanks again....but i don't know how to initialized the value for velocity for different phases and void fraction to get convergence solution for steady state..?

shk12345 November 27, 2011 12:59

First you cannot solve the problem in steady state.The problem has to solved in multiphase eulerian model in transient behavior.There are several papers in the literature from where you can get the inlet parameters of the case.
You have to adapt the zone of fluid and then patch it for your fluid region with certain volume fraction.

Hope that will help you

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