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lpak November 30, 2011 09:21

Boundary condition
I was using Gambit and fluent before, recently I switched to Ansys 13.

I have a mixing system with two impellers; one in center and one with the close clearance with tank wall and bottom. therefore I have three zones: two around impellers and one stationary zone.

I have imported my geomtry from CAD software as a step file to DM. I first deleted the tank thicknes, then unite the impellers with shafts which will have same boundary condition and then using subtract, try to make 6 volumes, I did same procedure in Gambit ... therefore I have 6 volumes and everything seems fine. Then meshing part and there I specify the symmetry and tank wall as I needed them for boundary conditions.
again everything seems fine. when I go to the fluent, in cell zones I have 6 volumes but in boudary condtion I have 6 items with interior type and agin same 6 items with wall type ... while 3 of them are really wall not interior and three of them are interior ...

please help me how I can solve this problem

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