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panos_metal December 5, 2011 22:04

Comparison of radiation and convection heat transfer
I have already simulated the flow of air in a heating chamber using the k-e model. Because air is assumed to be transparent media i didnt enable the radiation heat transfer model when i was solving for the air flow and heating.
Now i am studing the flow of sand particles (inert) as dispersed phase in the chamber with Discrete phase model and i needed to enable the heat transfer by radiation from the hot walls to the solid particles.
1st) i simulated the radiation heat transfer from the hot walls to the particles using the DO model and the P-1 and i finally have same results. I have no experience in two phase flos simulation so could you suggest me which model (one of these or any else like S2S or DTRM??)is appropriate for my case? (Vsolid/Vfluid <<0.01)
2nd) How can i compare the heating of particles due to convection from air and due to radiation from the hot walls? There must be a way in postprocessing stage.

Thank you in advance

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