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ysh_kobe December 7, 2011 21:29

To Study the flow of solar chimney/thermal chimney
Hi guys, I am stucked here with the boundary conditions that I should use for this solar chimney simulation.

Basically, I'm doing the 2D version, the cross section of the solar chimney thing.

From what I understand, the principle that drives the air in solar chimney is the buoyancy force, the change in the density of the air due to heat addition from solar radiation. So I chose density based solver instead of pressure based.

Next, the only information that I have for the simulation is the solar radiation value and the inlet air temperature. How can I set the boundary condition for the collector roof(in which the solar radiation will go through to heat up the air), the chimney wall(which has negligible heat loss out of it but pure heat addition into the air in it)?

javadshahbazi September 21, 2013 02:17

Are you find the answer? I have a same question. if you find the solution please guide me

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