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xuzy0223 December 8, 2011 07:56

postprocessing problem of heat exchanger model
Hi all,

i am a new to the fluent. now,when i finished the case using heat exchanger model,i just get the temperature contour of primary fluid(air),but i don't know how to obtain the result of auxiliary fluid(water).FLUENT help tutorial don't mentioned this detail.
so my question is whether the temperature contour of auxiliary fluid in heat exchanger model can be displayed in fluent postprocessing? if it can be extracted,how do it?


delaneyluke December 9, 2011 07:58

The heat exchanger model in Fluent is not a multiphase model.
What i mean to say is that you are still solving the primary fluid (continuity, momentum and energy) and then adding the auxillary fluid through the heat exchanger model which calculates the exit temp of aux fluid using 1-D heat transfer convection.
So to answer your question, you will not get a temp contour of your aux fluid.
The only information for the aux fluid is available under "Reports>Heat exchanger model"


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