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natantyt December 8, 2011 20:11

Fluent Simulation time windows 7 64
Hi There

I would like to ask how I can manipulate the memory allocated to Fluent in my system which is Windows 7 64bit with 48 GB RAM. I'm doing serial simulation. Something funny here is that the time required to do this simulation with a windows XP 32bit 4 GB RAM was less than my new system with 48 G RAM. My desktop shows 48GB RAM available.


Don456 December 13, 2011 17:35


as far as I understand it your simulation is using less than 4gb of ram cause one thread on a 32 bit OS can only allocate 2 gb of ram there the amount of ram shouldn't be a problem or a boundary.
Besides the amount of available ram the used processor has quite a huge influence on the speed of the simulation.
Furthermore depending of the cell count of your case it might be faster to use more than one cpu core (on small cases it will get slower cause more overhead between the tasks).
The last thing is if you use a 64 bit version of fluent and which version.
Older versions of Fluent might not run nicely under newer versions of windows.

Hope that might help you

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