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alligngr8 December 10, 2011 02:43

Inlet velocity mismatch in low microchannel
Hello everyone,
I am trying to simulate flow in rectangular micro channel of dimension (10 X 10 um). I gave the inlet velocity as its criteria and applied uniform flux on its wall.

However I am facing some issues reg. that.

[my flow is along 'z' direction, width along 'x' and height along 'y']
Firstly, I applied a uniform velocity 10m/s at the inlet. But when I tried to plot it velocity vs height at the inlet, fluent showed correct velocity plrofile for y up-to 9.5 micron.However, for 9.5 micron to 10 micron height there was linear variation.(where as as expected it should have been 10 through out,as inlet velocity is constant at 10).

Is it that fluent is not fit for such small dimension. ??
Or is it that it has included contraction effects etc. If so , how to do away with them.

Similarly there was problem with flux applied.I applied 50,000 W/m2. But it was showing 1.2e6 (considerably more than what I applied) in small region after which it showed normal expected behavior.

Pls guide.

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