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Komon December 11, 2011 12:10

Fluent uses too much RAM
Hi guys,

I've opened this thread because I've encountered quite an interesting problem in Fluent v13.0 . I got a new laptop last week and today I tried to run a simple simulation. It is a 2d two phase flow problem (cavitation) which uses the mesh with only 6650 cells. Nothing really demanding, but nevertheless, Fluent uses literally all available RAM there is. This means up to 8gb. Which i find unusual, because it comes to the point that computer just begins to work slower as all RAM is used by the fluent. I have a i7 2670qm processor, win7 64bit OS and 64 bit ansys 13.0 version. i did simulations before on much slower laptop, which had only 2gb of ram and thigns worked normal.

does anybody know where/what might be the issue?

thank you in advance!

p.s.: as i read on the internet, the problem i'm dealing with can be probably called memory leak. i tried simulations with and without compiled udf's, but the results are always the same-memory isn't freed, fluent keeps taking more and more memory with each iteration.
if you know an answer to the problem please let me know,

take care

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