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Basy December 12, 2011 03:26

Error: ISAT reaction rate
I am trying to simulate combustion with Steady Laminar Flamelet model (Non-premixed model in fluent). I did it with some mechanisms like GRI3.0 with no problem. but for some other reaction mechanisms I face this problem:
I read the mechanism in CHEMKIN format into Fluent and when I want to develop the flamelet, I get this error:

Error: ISAT reaction rate: Temperature = -3325385810.5K
Error Object: ()

I can bypass this problem by changing the relative error tolerance in Integration control form e-10 to e-17 but the accuracy of result is lowered and it seems I am just getting some "Garbage in/Garbage out". does any one have an idea about the source of problem?

thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

rezareal April 22, 2013 05:59

Isat Error
Hi Behzad
if you obtain answer your question,please guide me

Basy April 22, 2013 06:17

Unfortunately I couldn't solve the problem... :(

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