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teopetre December 19, 2011 16:57

k-omega vs. k-epsilon
The k-omega turbulence model is defined by turbulent kinetic energy, respectively by turbulent dissipation rate, so that it reffers to large scale energy transfer, situated in outer zone. On the other hand, k-epsilon comprises the turbulent dissipation, which occurs in the near-wall zone.

Despite this, I saw in a book that the k-omega is superior to k-epsilon in laminar sublayer an logarithmic region. Is it true? And why?

cartman December 20, 2011 03:35

" k-ε model's demonstrable inadequacy flows with adverse pressure gradient"


"Saffman formulated a k-ω model that enjoys advantages over the k-ε model, especially for integrating through the viscous sublayer and for predicting effects of adverse pressure gradient."

from 'Turbulence Modeling for CFD., David Wilcox'

I opened this book yesterday, so I need to read this book more :d

When I realize the reason then I will tell you
(or you find it, I'll appreciate if u telling why)

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