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Mariusz December 30, 2011 05:33

Free convection from vertical cylinder
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For some time I've been trying to model a heat exchange process from vertical cylinder, by means of natural convection. I've been unable to accordingly set up the boundary conditions for this problem.

About my problem (shown on the attached picture) ... It is a hot solid cylinder submerged in water. Cooled by natural convection only (no forced water flow).

To sum up, my question is how to correctly set up the boundary conditions to solve the problem in FLUENT (only FLUENT 6.3 is available for students in my faculty), that is for bottom, top, and side boundaries (because the boundary conditions for cylinder are quite obvious).

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sshivam February 2, 2017 14:36

my case is same. if you have got any results do share it. it would be great to have it and will help me a lot

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