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roukaia January 2, 2012 13:21

finite rate/eddy dissipation model
Hello Everyone,

Could someone inform me how to give input for the pre-exponential factor for a complex mechanism in Fluent? Do I need to convert it from gmol/cm3 to kgmol/m3 with the reaction order as powers or do I specify the value which is given in the literature. or should i keep them const as they are !!
my reaction is c10h22+15.5O2=10co2+11h2O

In the literature the Pre-exponential factor is given as values and all they say is it is consitent with units of concentration (gmol/cm3)^1-m-n where m and n are 1 for an elementary mechanism.

The other problem is that in Fluent when I use the value of Pre-exponential factor as it is (by default), it is working.
any help would be appreciated

Thank you.

Sixkillers January 3, 2012 03:39

Units of pre-exponential factor should be for Fluent in (kmol/(m^3 * s))^(1-n) (assuming the temperature exponent is zero), where n is an overall reaction order, which is for an elementary reaction sum of stoichiometric coefficients of reactants.

roukaia January 3, 2012 13:57

need books
thank you for replying
does any one has these books

"simplified reaction mechanisms for oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels in flames" westbook uk and drayer FL 1981

"evaporation and combustion of sprays progress in energy and combu
stion sciences "
my mail is :

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