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Tom A January 6, 2012 08:46

Low Re foil shaped profile modelling
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Hi, I have to do some CFD analysis on the 2D shape seen below. I am interested in the lift and drag coefficients at angles of attack between +/- 6 degrees. I am planning on using ANSYS Fluent to perform this analysis but I have never used Fluent before (or any CFD software) and I think I need help. I tried some simulations on a NACA 0012 profile to compare with data in the book Theory of Wing Sections but the numbers are way off. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments to a new Fluent user?

The reynolds number I am operating at is approximately 425000 (speed of 0.5 mps in water). From what I have been reading on CFD it seems to be very difficult to model boundary layer transition from turbulent to laminar which this foil should be approaching.



Tom1916 January 6, 2012 10:51


As a starting point, I would suggest having a go at the Fluent tutorials to get a feel of the interface and what can be achieved with Fluent. That is where I started and I found it quite useful.


Tom A January 6, 2012 13:42

Thanks, I tried a few tutorials but I am still having problems at low reynolds numbers. Are there any different things that need to be done with the mesh or the viscosity model settings to account for the laminar-turbulent transition?


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