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Micael January 6, 2012 15:45

Workstation setup - advice sought before making the purchase
I want to model multiphase flow, eulerian and VOF, coupled with energy equation and species reaction. The software is ANSYS FLUENT. I can use a super-computer, but only in batch mode without GUI and we need a mid power workstation for most of the work. I did my best to figure such workstation and I come up with this:

Dell Precision T7500, with these key points:
- Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor E5620
- 24GB DDR3 RDIMM Memory 1333MHz
- 2GB NVIDIA Quadro 4000
- 3 x 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s configured in RAID 0

It is planed to use many core in parallel for the simulations.

My question: Is that setup well balanced for CFD?

My research is in a fast pacing environment and the workstation will be use for fast simulation of small-mid sized problem (up to 1-2M cells) and also to setup and test large problem before sending to the cluster. I should be able to confortably post-process large case too.

Thanks a lot!

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