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Ajis January 18, 2012 04:42

Cloud Model! I need guidance...
Hi all,

I am doing a research project in the university and it consists of a 2 phase flow. For the simplest case, I am using a free jet stream to try to figure out how does the particle tracking works. After calculate the continuous flow, I introduce one more iteration with the discrete phase model.

I was recommended to use the cloud model and I have been playing around a little bit with it, testing different minimum and maximum diameter (there are only 2 inputs). The results show a really different concentration distribution of the particles just by varying the minimum diameter in one milimiter (my domain is around (60*100*100 mm≥).

I would be really thankful if someone tells me how can I choose the correct values for this problem.

Ajis January 25, 2012 06:17

Hi mali28,

Thanks a lot for your answer, but the thread does not go any further than the theory guide of fluent. I am trying right now with the Random walk model which is easier to understand and also the results match with my theoretical results but my doubts about the cloud model are still there.

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