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santhosh1987 January 20, 2012 06:13

Problems with liquid fuel combustion
Hello All,

I am trying to carry out a liquid fuel (fuel oil) combustion in a industrial furnace. The aim of my simulation is to predict NOx emissions.

I am currently using non-premised combustion model to simulate the combustion process but am not sure if thats the right approach.The reason being, the NOx mechanism reaction rate is slower.

From what i learnt from the theory and user guide is that the Eddy-dissipation concept or compostion PDF transport models are better for NOx predictions. But both these models are computationally more expensive and am not sure how good they are for liquid fuel combustion. In addition, I will also be requried to input CHEMKIN reaction mechansim to better predict NOx.

Can someone please guide me which is the best model to use for liquid fuel combustion to prediction NOX accurately. Is is better to input CHEMKIN reaction mechanism, or use the default FLUENT mechanism?


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