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ingmecc January 22, 2012 06:18

Radial turbine problem
Hi, i'm new in this matter and so i've some questions.
I'm studing a radial turbine that expands a compressible fluid. Though the pressure at discharge of turbine is less than inlet, both the velocity magnitude and relative velocity magnitude on the outlet are bigger than inlet. Is it possible?I analyze its with fluent.

Thank you so much.

Far January 22, 2012 12:30

Relative velocity should increase (converging passage blade-to-blade) and absolute velocity should decrease (work is being done, velocity energy is being converted to work). Ensure that solution is full converged and settings (e.g. rotation direction) are OK

ingmecc January 22, 2012 19:25

Thank you so much!For convergence i'm testing with steady simplec implicit...step by step increasing inlet total pressure, outlet static pressure and rpm.Is it right??

Far January 22, 2012 22:26

Put the required values of total pressure at inlet and static pressure at outlet, however, increase rpm in steps.

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