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andre9 January 23, 2012 06:34

Flamelet Parameters
I'm starting to make reactive simulations using Steady Flamelet models. My objective is to simulate a hydrogen flame in air in a tipical bluff-body configuration. I'm using the Burke 2011 kinetic model (8 species + inerts and 19 reactions).

There is any golden rule to determine the following parameters to calculate the flamelet and generate the pdf table?
  • Number of Grid Points in Flamelet
  • Maximum Number of Flamelets

  • Number of Mean Mixture Fraction Points

  • Number of Mixture Fraction Variance Points

faudiS8 May 20, 2012 06:28

hi every body
is there anyone here to answer the question?
It's mine too!
Also I want to know if there's any optimum under-relaxations?
My model convergence has many fluctuations.

kingpots November 19, 2012 17:23

Hi all ,
As far as i know there isn't any golden rule , however you can validate your results by looking to the Flamelet shape, species , scalar dissipation and mixture fractions .
I am always using the automated refinement with 8 to 40 points /20 flamelets and it gives good results . Check also the time vs . residuels while creating flamletes ,if it is smooth then you are good to go , if on the other hand it takes long time , try to redude the fourrier no. to 1 .

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