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mullzer January 29, 2012 11:53

ICEM to Fluent (2D Geometry): File has wrong dimensions?
I am trying to start off witha simple case to learn to use ICEM and Fluent. In short, I have drawn and meshed a 2D rectangle in ICEM and output it to Fluent. Opening the .msh file in fluent however leads to an error:

"File has wrong dimensions"
Error Object: #f

Details of my method:

1. Draw geometry (a rectangle in the x-y plane) in ICEM.
2. Blocking: A single block covering the rectangle is used.
3. Association: Each edge of the block is associated to its nearest curve in the geometry.
4. Meshing: A Curve mesh is created using the four sides (curves) of the rectangle.
5. Output to solver: the chosen solver is Fluent v.6.
6. Boundary Conditions:
  • Volumes: solid
  • Edges: the right side of the rectangle is given "outflow" condition
  • Edges: the upper and lower sides are given the "wall" condition
  • Mixed/Unknown: the left side of the rectangle is given "velocity inlet"conditon
7.Write input
8. Open Fluent in 2D model and select the file

I think the problem is with my boundary conditions, because when I make the models 3D (making the rectangle have a small thickness), I use surface boundary conditions and fluent can read it fine.

Another thing I should ask is if these are the best type of boundary condtion to use for modelling heat transfer? I want to make the left side of the rectangle have a high temperature compared to the others....

mullzer February 1, 2012 15:37

hey its okay I solved it myself. For anyone who is interested, this is what I did:

- right-clicked pre-mesh in the display window and chose convert to unstructured mesh
- under ouput, selected common output solver as ANSYS rather than NASTRAN

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