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regarding periodic boundary condition
I want to give Periodic boundary condition on blades but it is giving error as below...
/grid> modify-zones

/grid/modify-zones> make-periodic
Periodic zone [()] periodic_1
Shadow zone [()] periodic_2
Rotational periodic? (if no, translational) [yes]
Create periodic zones? [yes]

zone 12: matched 0 out of 676 faces.
zone 13: matched 0 out of 676 faces.

Error: Failed to make zones periodic.
Error Object: #f

What is the reason and how it can be corrected...

Thanks in advance:)

m5edr February 25, 2012 07:24

I'm face the same problem
any help pls,

shk12345 February 25, 2012 10:10

For periodic boundary conditions give the boundary conditions in gambit itself and then when you will export to fluent it be a periodic boundary condition

second define it with any name and boundary types in gambit and then in fluent go to the boundary condition and change the boundary type to periodic

hope that will help you

m5edr February 25, 2012 12:53

Many thanks for replay BUT the problem is:
I'm using Ansys Workbench, so I'm used Ansys Mesher Not Gambit in my meshing my geometry
Do you know who to solve this with Ansys?
thanks again

shk12345 February 25, 2012 12:57

yup i know
give any boundary condition name there is ansys mesher
and then go to fluent in bounday condition change it to symmetry

that's it

m5edr February 25, 2012 13:06

You mean, I change the b.c to symmetry
THEN make it periodic by write the following command in fluent window:mesh -> modify-zones -> make-periodic

shk12345 February 25, 2012 13:09

go to boundary conditions
there change the boundary condition of those ares to symmetry.

m5edr February 25, 2012 13:24

1 Attachment(s)
Sorry , i can't understand
I have 1/3 cylinder, the sided faces should be periodic.
Is Symmetry equivalent to Periodic type!!!

shk12345 February 25, 2012 13:31

send me the files i will try to tell you how to do

m5edr February 25, 2012 13:36

Mail pls
(the files are 11 MB)

shk12345 February 25, 2012 13:37

send me geo with meshing in zip form in ansys 13 or 14 format

Far February 25, 2012 13:48


Originally Posted by m5edr (Post 346261)
Sorry , i can't understand
I have 1/3 cylinder, the sided faces should be periodic.
Is Symmetry equivalent to Periodic type!!!

No symmetry is not equivalent to periodic. In figure you said the wall should be interior, rather it should be interface: one for internal fluid and one for external fluid.

m5edr February 25, 2012 14:07

1 Attachment(s)
No it was an an old problem, i solved it
Now, i have to define the "periodic type zone" to the two faces as appear in this pic

I'm made Match Face control in Ansys Mesher , Then i opened the fluent
and write the following (mesh -> modify-zones -> make-periodic)
After that fluent appear the first massage in this discussion !!

Far February 25, 2012 15:17

you can try this solution and accuracy is as good as pure periodic planes. you can write them as interface and then go to interface panel and then define them as interface with periodic condition.

I shall look into this issue, as I used to get this message in starting of my career.

m5edr February 25, 2012 15:27

Thanks ,Far
But interface solution cause dispersion to me ( i tried it before)
if you find solution, tell me pls
thanks again

Far February 25, 2012 15:28

I used it many times and it is as good as periodic boundary. Send files through file sharing

m5edr February 25, 2012 15:44

Thanks but
Case File is 9 Mb
can't be attached

Far February 25, 2012 15:47

use 4shared

m5edr February 25, 2012 16:00
Many thanks Far

Edu-R March 30, 2012 15:33

Hi m5edr,

Did you solve the problem? I have the same problem and I don't know what causes or what can I do :confused:

Thanks in advance!


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