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dynamics January 30, 2012 18:05

inlet turbulence in LES (FLUENT)
I am intending to use LES in FLUENT. I am using pressure based coupled solver with air as the working medium and assigning ideal gas properties. Since the flow is not incompressible, I cannot use velocity inlet boundary condition and hence the inlet turbulence generating techniques in FLUENT.
This page says (at the bottom) for all other boundary types apart from velocity inlet the flow is assumed as laminar in LES calculations.

Yes, I can increase the inlet length but I dont want to try it because of obvious reason (computation cost). Is there any alternative way to generate synthetic inlet turbulence (by hooking a UDF) with pressure inlet BC. If yes please explain or direct me to suitable references.


Ebrahim November 18, 2012 06:15

Hi dynamics,
I have the same problem. I want to use vortex method perturbation for pressure inlet BC!
couldn't you find a solution for this problem?


sbaffini November 18, 2012 11:05

Quoting the Fluent 14 Manual:

"Both the vortex method and the spectral synthesizer are available for velocity inlet and pressure inlet boundary conditions".

Ebrahim November 18, 2012 15:55

Hi sbaffini

You are right. your comment helped me very much. Thank you

dynamics April 6, 2014 16:17

It was not available in Fluent 6.3 which I was using while posting the question.

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