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ashrawage February 2, 2012 15:21

Which models to use for modeling Brine solution??
Please tell me which is the best model to make a solution of salt and water in FLUENT. I want to later precipitate the salt from the water in my model.

So do I go for multispecies ?
Do I use multicomponent?
Do I use any of the multiphase?
Do I use the combination of the mentioned above??

Really need your help guys


mugdha October 16, 2012 13:23

Hi Abhijeet, if it is the Abhijeet that I know....

I have also been working on Species transport and researching a bit about that.

What I have read, says that for salt and water, you need to utilize transport equations. Fluent is not supposed to be that great with species transport. There is a company called Reaction Design that has a software called Chemkin CFD that can be coupled to Fluent. It has a massive database that can be used directly and sometimes eliminates the need for a separate UDF. It is free as far as I know....

ashrawage October 16, 2012 15:51

Hey Mugdha!
This was the last place I expected to hear from a classmate. Thanks for the info about CHEMKIN, I am on it checking if it is applicable for my research. I have had issues with FLUENT since the water is supposed to be above supercritical conditions of 372 C and 22.4 MPa. And as you might know at these conditions the thermophysical properties of water go haywire. As of now just a piece wise polynomial to depict this behavior of just water has been a struggle for me. I have been working on my validation experiment using CFX for the past few weeks since it has an IAPWS sets of equations to model water at supercritical conditions.

Please let me know if you have any PDFs to get a quick understanding of how CHEMKIN works, and about your research as well in case you happen to know more details that you might think are of no use for me. I can send you my model details if you have the time or the interest.
Thanks again..

mugdha October 16, 2012 18:53


I did not quite end up using Chemkin CFD because I was working on carbon particle production. So more of my research went into Chemkin Pro. What I suggest you to do is, contact reaction design, and sign up for one of their webinars. I guess then, you get access to all their previous webinars(I am not exactly sure though). Also, if you email the customer reps, they could be informative.
One of my team members at school is working on a thermal storage system, where he is using Fluent to model phase change of water in order to store solar energy for later use. He has a model with different sizes of mesh and is running two-phase calculations. I dont know if your case turns into 2 phase or not. Have you tried time dependent sub domains? Because your results can take a complete u-turn with that. I think you will find something about salt mixtures in Dr. Randall German's books.
I have just started learning CFX, so I am a newbie in CFX. And I am more fluent with Fluent(well!) where chemical reactions, soot formation is concerned. If I find out something I shall let you know.
If you have exact questions, let me know, because we just got CFX license in my company, and I can probably contact the customer reps and ask them.

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