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m.jahedi February 7, 2012 10:43

Restitution factor in Eulerian multiphase model
Hi everyone,

I am using the Eulerian-Eulerian model to simulate the multiphase flow. It is the granular (solid and air) phase simulation. As you know in the phases\secondary phase\edit, you can find the granular temperature models which are two models: "phase property" and " partial differential equation". It's really important for me to define the restitution factor for the wall boundary condition in a duct which i have in my simulation. Therefore if i want to put number for it,then i have to go with "partial differential equation" and then in the wall boundary condition, in particle part i can put the number in restitution factor and the default is 0.2!
I have divergence problem with this model even with zero restitution factor. Now my question is that if i want to use the first model (phase property), what's the restitution factor number? is it zero or 0.2 as well as another model. Can we change that then?


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