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srinivasa February 9, 2012 11:01

Simulation of Filter mat in Natural Convection

I have to simulate the Filter with Mat. As I am working in Natural convection problem.
Problem Statement: A rectangular box contain rods which generate heat. I have to cool the rods with natural convection.At inlet and outlet i have Filters with mat.Due to the provision of mats the volume of flow of air decreases. I have to simulate this model in fluent.
How i have to simulate the filters whether i have to take the cross sectional area less than that of original filter area or any other better method .


delaneyluke February 10, 2012 02:29

For the filters, you could use the Porous jump model. To use this model you need to know the pressure drop v/s velocity (or mass flow) for the filter. If you do not have this curve, you could analyse a sub-model of your filter to arrive at this curve. Then develop a 2 order polynomial curve fit and use the coefficients as your porous jump model inputs. Read the documentation on porous jump before using it.


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