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ssamton February 15, 2012 22:02

How to get wall boundary temperature?
Hi all

I have a problem to get wall boundary temperature.

I used UDF.

If I use built-in function, it's fine.

That is, after calculation, if I want to know specific boundary temperature,

Report > Surface Integrals > Average area weighted(or others) > specific boundary check,

then, I know the boundary wall temperature.

But, when I use UDF, boundary wall temperature is differ from above result.

Of course, difference between two results is very small(approx. 1K), but this small difference occurs huge difference of results.

I would write my UDF Code.

Please tell me any idea.



DEFINE_ADJUST(temp_surface_up, domain)
face_t face;
Thread *thread = Lookup_Thread(domain, Surface_up); /* set up domain frost thickness, 12 for frost surface ID from B.C panel */

double temp;

real x[ND_ND]; /* declaration the position variable */

begin_f_loop(face, thread)
F_CENTROID(x, face, thread);

temp += F_T(face, thread);
Temp_up = temp / 100; /* 100 is a number of cell along boundary */

end_f_loop(face, thread)

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