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nasilbir1 February 21, 2012 04:57

continuity, x-velocity and y-velocity equations
Dear Friends,

I am so new to fluent and trying to solve a problem in an enclosure in which one wall is hot wall and the opposite wall is the cold one.
While iterating process writes like this:

iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity energy k epsilon time/iter
111 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 8.7711e-02 1.0480e-04 9.2560e-04 75:44:43 99889
112 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 8.7416e-02 1.0485e-04 9.2506e-04 77:14:37 99888
113 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 8.7230e-02 1.0490e-04 9.2457e-04 78:26:32 99887
114 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 8.6925e-02 1.0496e-04 9.2401e-04 79:24:03 99886
115 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00 0.00

So i can not solve continuity, x-velocity and y velocity equations. What my problem may be? I'll be thankful if any friend can help me.

delaneyluke February 24, 2012 07:32

What are your BC's and your initialisation?

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