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Chirag2302 February 22, 2012 06:46

Inputs for Porous Cell Zone
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I am trying to analyze small heat exchanger as porous zone.

I am not getting how to give following properties which are available to me as

Viscous resistant: 1.58e-8

Nonlinear inertial resistant: 9.08e3

How to specify them in FLUENT panel ??????

What about Direction vector-1:
Direction vector-2:

Viscous resistant in Direction-1:

inertial resistant in Direction -1:


Should i keep activate the 1) relative velocity formulation
2) Alternative formulation..........etc.

Please help me for this........

delaneyluke February 24, 2012 07:26

Direction-1 is the direction of the flow through the porous media, and direction-2 is the normal.
Enter the given viscous and inertial coefficients for Direction-1 and enter a higher value of the coefficients (my practice is 100 times) for direction-2.
This means that you are increasing the resistance to the flow in the normal direction and giving the right amount of resistance in the flow direction.
I hope i made myself clear


Note: Do not use the velocity formulations unles you're what it means and if you need it.

Chirag2302 February 24, 2012 13:00

Thanks for the guidance......



Chirag2302 March 3, 2012 00:16

fixed value option in porous media

I am trying to model a oscillatory flow(fluid will move back and forth from heat exchanger at the rate of oscillation 300Hz) through the heat exchanger of very small size. For that I am considering or modeled heat exchanger as a porous media and I want to maintain the temperature of heat exchanger at 600 K and gas temperature is less than the heat exchanger temperature. So, heat will flow from heat exchanger porous material to the gas.

For this situation, I am modelling compressible flow (I think, I should use Density based solver...?) through porous media. But during the input of porous media in fluent "Fixed Value" option is not working when density based solver is activated. It is only working with Pressure based solver.

Any one can guide me on this.........? How can I set the constant temperature of porous media while using density based solver?

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