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Hawkeye February 22, 2012 11:19

Multiphase Settling in 2D Container - Volume Fraction?
I am using Fluent 13 and I am quite new to multiphase flow. Normally when you have e.g. a velocity-inlet u can define your volume fraction by going to BC->edit and than you type in your Volume Fraction for your second phase.

In my case the complete domain is defined as walls (2D container) where the multiphase flow is inside. Where do I define the volume fraction in this case?


rezacfd1361 March 29, 2012 12:03

what s the meaning of selecting sum in "define surface monitor" for "Phrases" , "volume fraction" . I have a 2 phase domain, primary phase is air and secondary phase is water. I am going to track surface changes for water, in internet i read that I have to select sum when i intoduce monitors/surface/surface monitors/define surface monitor.
my case is a Neumerical Wave Tank.:confused:
please help me.:eek:

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