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arjun3020 February 23, 2012 08:08

Pressure drop in cyclone separators.
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Hi all,

Could you please tell me how to find pressure drop in cyclone using CFD post or fluent?

i have pressure contour which gives highest pressure of 1005 Pa. and lowest pressure of -303 Pa.

How to find actual pressure drop in cyclone?

See the attachment of contour.

delaneyluke February 24, 2012 07:11

Hi Arjun,
Difference between "Area weighted average" of static pressure at Inlet and Outlet will give you your pressure drop


shk12345 February 25, 2012 10:25

basically you have two planes in the domain i.e the inlet and the outlet

in fluent go to report data pressure absolute pressure and print the values of the pressure at the inlet and the outlet and take t he difference of the both

you are done
hope that help you


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