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ashrawage February 25, 2012 14:49

Operating pressure
I have a system in which water at superheated stage enters through the inlet at temperatures close to super critical conditions 370deg C and at pressure of around 218 atm. And the water is heated in the tank above the super critical temperature of about 420 Deg C and exits the system just below the inlet pressure: Lets say about 217.42 atm.

Now my point is do i set the operating pressure as 218 or 217.42 or something else? Cos i heard from Ansys that since my temperature of water is 370 FLUENT might act crazy cos of the fact that water at operating pressures of atmosphere does not exist at that temperature.

Bear in mind that i have modified the water properties by using steam tables at that pressure and temperature..such as density and thermal conductivity and most importantly the specif heat.

So please let me know if i am doing things right?
because i cannot converge the solution..especially the energy equation. Even a simplified version of the model in 3D and in 2D i get no heating since i am giving heat flux to the surface area of the tank and in 2D the surface area of the model is messed up cos of unity "Z".


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