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Tatey February 27, 2012 08:26

Help - Simple Time-Temp Modelling - 2D Cylinder
I am currently trying to model an experiment I recently carried out to investigate cross flow heat exchanger design. I have decided to start off in 2D using fluent to keep things simple.

After reading through the forum I have gained a lot of knowledge in fluent and have sucessfully managed to model a 2d cylinder in a turbulent flow.

However the experiment used a pre heated copper element which was placed in the air flow and the temperature decay was then logged. I am trying to replicate this on fluent however I am unsure on a few things. Mainly how to get fluent to assume that the cylinder has a uniform temperature throughout its thickness (the same assumption used in the experiment) and for it to give me a time temperature graph of the cylinder. The starting temperature of the cylinder is 88.5C and final temperature is equal to the ambient air temperature (usually 20C). I am also struggling on getting fluent to have an initial starting temperature of 88.5C and for this temperature to decay with time.

Any help in this would be much appreciated.

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