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wateraction February 28, 2012 11:25

Temperature Drop Modelling
Hi, can anybody tell me if fluent can model temperature-drop in a designed fluid zone, just like pressure-drop which can be modeled by using a porous zone?
Here is my case,
I'm mainly modeling the velocity and temperature distribution downstream of a heat-exchanger(the heat exchager is some pipe-settings in a duct, with water inside and fluegas outside,besides,there is a bypass duct across these pipes), but I don't really want to model the practical heat exchange process. There would be a temperature-drop across the pipe zone, say 500 degree C at the inlet section and 450 degree C at the outlet section of these pipes. However, as there is a bypass duct, some part of the higher temperature fluegas upstream of the heat exchange would run into the lower temperature fluegas downstream of it and mix with them, therefore, the temperature downstream would be higher than 450 degree C and lower than 500 degree C after the mixing process.
I hope the exchanger zone can be modeled as a porous zone, and I wanner set the inlet temperature of this zone as 500 C and outlet temperature of this zone as 450 C. Finally, after simulation I wanner see there is a temperature-drop across the heat exchanger zone, just like the pressure-drop across the zone.
I don't konw how to make these settings in Fluent, can anyone help me out?

Zigainer February 28, 2012 11:48


do i understand you right and you just want to simulate the mixing of the hot bypass air? And do you know the tmeperature after the heat exchanger?
Than just model the oulet of the heat exchanger as an inlet with the given low temperature and the duct as an inlet with the higher temperature.

delaneyluke February 29, 2012 07:56

There is a model called the "heat exchanger model" with FLUENT. It can model this exchange of heat between 2 fluids in a heat exchanger without actually modeling the geometry of the HEX.


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