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ali moghimifar February 29, 2012 05:33

simulation of cylinder vibrating
How do I simulate the flow around a circular cylinder vibrating in Fluent?

grayback87 March 2, 2012 13:51

You should be more specific, I'm trying to do the same think and its hard.
Try to do first without dynamic mesh.
When you get it try to make a 6dof model with your cylinder.

I'm trying to do with only one degree of freedom, and i have a lot of problems, but i still working on it.

good luck.

ali moghimifar March 2, 2012 14:18

Thanks for your help, I think it is difficult work. ذbefor i simulate flow aver a Stationary and moving cylinder , but much harder to simulate the flow around a circular cylinder that is vibrating. i don't know how i can simulate it with out dynamic mesh (is it possible??)
Good luck

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