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Munggang March 2, 2012 17:50

Defining Inlet Mixture Enthalpy

I'm doing simulation for separation vessel. In principle, there will be two phase fluid entering the vessel with mixture enthalpy and they will be flashed inside the vessel at certain pressure.

For this model, I use mixture, k-epsilon, RNG with the nergy equation is turned on.

My question is how do we define the fixed mixture enthalpy at the inlet of the vessel?

In addition, when trying to define properties of each phase, I found the units are confusing for "molecular weight" and "standard state enthalpy". Fluent use kg/kg.mol for the first and J/kg.mol for the latter. These units are different from my initial understanding (kg/kmol for molecular weight and J/mol for standard state enthalpy).

Can anybody help me?

Thanks before.

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