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rezahemmat1985 March 5, 2012 04:35

Boundary conditions
hi alls
as we know the temperature of of engine cylinder temperature is different in each point and it is difficult to set a temperature to each point . I have got an Abacus CAD file of the studying engine and it includes the temperature values in each point . I wamma to know how can I set temperature to each point . for example for point (1,4,0) T1=100'C , (3,0,2) T2=102'C , ..... tnx in advance
I will appreciate all solutions comes to your mind , please send me your solutions , because there are lots of point to specify temperature and it makes me tired of creating alot of wall .

duri March 9, 2012 16:03

Simplest way is to create a profile. To know the format just write down temperature profile from old fluent run.

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