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karthikn21590 March 5, 2012 14:43

Please help!! URGENT!!Flow through diffuser

I am currently modelling flow through a gas turbine diffuser. I ve used K-E model with 0.3% turbulence intensity, inlet- 37m/sec velocity, outlet- atm pressure, free slip wall, incompressible flow, fluid-air.
I am also trying to verify the results experimentally.
The problem is my pressure values are sort of alright. But the velocity values have gone haywire.
My diffuser area ratio is 0.3249. So the exit velocity should be around 10m/sec. But I get values of 3, 4 m/sec. Is there an error in my model.
The continuity equation therefore is not satisfied. But all my residuals are perfect
Any suggestions?? Thank you

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