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semo March 7, 2012 09:32

DPM in coal combustion

I am trying to simulate single mixture coal combustion and the problem is dpm iteration takes very long time and eventually never happens. Per the recommendations from various sources I first did a cold flow solution, then single stream combustion and then I tried solving for combusting particles. I used 40000 for max number of steps and reduced it down to 1000 since higher numbers wouldnt work. 1000 steps work but this time dpm iteration tells me there are 2.1 million particles being tracked and all of them are incomplete! I finally managed to make it work for 40000 and now same number of particles are tracked and all are complete. In any case 2.1 million particles dont seem right.

I dont know what is wrong but I am suspecting it is related to mass flow rate or the surface injection properties. I have 16 burners and injecting 100 lb/sec total. I named all the burners as burner_coal_inlet and using that surface for the coal injection.

any idea what might be wrong?

thank you

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