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hyperflow March 7, 2012 17:26

Chemical reaction using Eddy Dissipation Model in FLUENT
Hi all.

I am trying to solve a problem on the gas phase chemical reaction.
Chemical reaction simulate a non-premixed diffusion combustion.
Fuel is multi species including CH4, C2H6 and H2 like decomposed fuel rich gas and oxidizer is O2.
I'd like to use eddy dissipation model in FLUENT.
I think the total number of reaction has to be 3(for CH4, C2H6, H2) and each reaction have to be set to one-step global reaction.
Is this setting right?
Is the total number of reaction for multi-step mechanism of single reaction? or for multi-reaction?
Please help me!

Laci March 8, 2012 05:58

You have to decide if you want to simulate one-step skeleton reaction or detailed mechanisms. If you need to investigate flame structure, you should go for the detailed mechanisms and EDC model.
In other cases, the single step reactions should be enough. Since these are really fast reactions I wouldn't expect big difference in the global results of the final compounds between single step and detailed mechanisms.

Sorry, I don't understand these questions:

"Is the total number of reaction for multi-step mechanism of single reaction? or for multi-reaction?"

hyperflow March 8, 2012 09:38

Thank you Laci.

Should I have to set to 3 for the total number of reaction due to the CH4, C2H6, H2?

Laci March 8, 2012 09:42

You will copy the reactions from the Fluent database right?
Why don't you give it a try as first. As you proceed, you will see (I guess) if your simulation requires more sophisticated detailed reaction mechanisms.

hyperflow March 8, 2012 09:56

Thanks for fast response.
I will copy only material properties from Fluent database.
Considering fuel is mixture with 12 species produced from fuel rich mixture.
Dominant hydrocarbons are CH4, C2H6, H2.
I think that the each reaction of 3 kinds of fuel(CH4, C2H6, H2) have to be modeled.
I'm considering only one-step global reaction for each fuel.
So, I'd like to know a function of the total number of reaction option.

mohamad3564 June 11, 2012 04:54

Hi every body

I have bubble column reactor and I want to simulate species transport and find oxygen transport in it .I want to know how can i set set species transport after initialize my model by mixture model ?and how can i set mas fraction boundry condition ?
best regards

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