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narendra.gadwal March 12, 2012 00:06

Steam condensation
I have saturated steam in a rotating cylinder. The steam gives away heat to the surroundings and gets converted into water which because of gravity comes down and depending on the speed forms a rim on the inner surface of the cylinder.
I want to simulate this and make an animation.
I got some evaporation tutorial and looking at that I started to model
condensation model.
I have used mixture model, I gave standard state enthalpy values of water and vapor such that their difference is latent heat.
I gave mass transfer mechanism as condensation-evaporation model where I have given the saturated temperature value of the steam.
But I don't see any water falling down and getting collected at the bottom.
Somebody can share their thoughts or any tutorials on this .

Thanks !

sangrampp April 26, 2012 07:33

Have a look at condensation frequency
By default the condensation frequency is 0.1, if you expect that condensation will occur at an accelerated rate, you ought to enter a high value for this. much like the weight factor for condensation. let me know how it goes.

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