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kami146 March 13, 2012 07:46

Fluent on Rocks Cluster error
I have installed & configured Rocks Cluster 5.4.3 & configure Fluent 6.3.26 to run my cases on parallel environment. I make some scripts for submitting the jobs ... here it is my file....
================================================== ======
#the parallel environment
#$ -pe fluent_pe 2-8
## All the optput is redirected to this file
#$ -o SGE_fluent_log$JOB_ID
#$ -ckpt fluent_ckpt
# Job Name
#$ -N test
export FLUENT_ARCH=lnamd64
export FLUENT_INC=/share/apps/Fluent.Inc
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=$FLUENT_INC/license/license.dat
$FLUENT_INC/bin/fluent 3d -pnet -sge -sgepe fluent_pe 2-8 -sgeckpt fluent_ckpt - g -i test.inp > test.out
================================================== ======

the job submitted but after some time it records an error in output file that is ....

/share/apps/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/bin/fluent -r6.3.26 3d -pnet -sge -sgepe fluent_pe 2-6 -sgeckpt fluent_ckpt -g -i c.inp
/share/apps/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/bin/fluent -r6.3.26 3d -pnet -sge -sgepe fluent_pe 2-6 -sgeckpt fluent_ckpt -g -i c.inp -sgeup
The check point directory is not existing or not a directory


If some body know the solution plz send some details how to troubleshoot this error.


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