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ssamton March 15, 2012 23:47

Eulerian Model - properties
Dear all

I have a question about properties in multiphase flow, Eulerian model.

Manual described that Momentum and continuity equations are solved for each phase.

What does it mean exactly?

If primary and secondary phase exist in same cell, how calculate properties in fluent?

I think since equations are solved for each phase, does not affect each other.

if primary phase is 0.8, i.e, secondary phase is 0.2, and density of each phase are 100 and 1000, density is 0.8*100 + 0.2*1000=280 in cell?

or does not affect?

Just use 100 for solving the primary phase and use 1000 for solving secondary phase?

I wish listen your comments

Thank you all


chenxizh March 16, 2012 02:34

The Eulerian model is Momentum and continuity equations are solved for each phase. That means if you have two phase such as gas-solid, you will sovle two eqution for gas(use the denstiy of gas ), and two eqution for solid (use density of solid ).
Other model named Mixture model is available in fluent ,too. In Mixture if you have two phase, you just solve two eqution, that is mixture of gas and solid used density 280 you mentioned.

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