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grayback87 March 16, 2012 04:49

obtaining pressure in postprocessing
Hi , I have a little question.

I'm simulating a single circular cylinder(2D problem), and I want to know the pressure in the wake vortex zone in a single point (downstream at 4 diameter in the x-direction).

I want to know how the pressure variate in time and plotting if it is possible.

Somebody could help me?.

Thanks in advance!

Amir March 16, 2012 05:26


Yep, it's possible. Follow these steps:
1) create your desired point (probe): surface->point
2) solve->monitor->surfaces select your point and the variable you want to plot/write. (you can toggle on writing or plotting or printing desire data here). Note that you can set vertex minimum or maximum or average in report type panel.


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