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wanghaojie March 23, 2012 11:32

How to calculate velocity at a interior surface?
Im trying to get the velocity at a certain surface by udf.
First I try to use
but when it runs, the fluent will stop and say there is an error. I further examined it and found out it can only be used for boundary surface
Then i try to calculate the surface velocity by averaging the cells before and after the surface. Then i can get results but it is different from the contour result. I think the contour results is calculated by staggered grid? So how can i get exactly the same results as in the contour by udf?


banty March 23, 2012 14:21

During contour plot we have two option like node value ( averaged value. which averaging method is unknown to user) and cell value. U can export the cell value data out of fluent and modify data as u want.

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