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Prince of Persia March 27, 2012 05:04

Error message
hi all
I am a new user for CFX so I might ask some stupid questions here. Sorry for that.
my question is when I run the simulation...I got the message:
turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.000000e+005 in 1081594 cells
What should I do?

evswbok March 28, 2012 10:49

change the viscosity ratio

drhim86 May 7, 2012 02:15

How we can change viscosity ratio?
How can the viscosity ratio be changed in FLUENT 6.3?

delaneyluke May 7, 2012 02:22

Reduce your under-relaxation parameters.
Which turbulence model are you using?


drhim86 May 7, 2012 02:28

I have used standard k-omega model and unsteady DES

delaneyluke May 7, 2012 03:03

By unsteady DES, do you mean a transient simulation?

1) Try reducing your under relaxation factors
2) Start your simulation with the standard k-epsilon model and later switch to k-omega
3) If your run is transient, then try reducing your time step


drhim86 May 7, 2012 05:45

Done all
Dear Mr. Luke,
As per your recommendations I have tried:

1) reducing under relaxation factors
2) Started simulation with the standard k-epsilon model but observed oscillations persisted
3) By running transient run solution diverged
Kindly acknowledge me with your suggestions

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